Livable Communities

Livable communities are the alternative to the wasteful and ugly sprawl and urban decay that is destroying America's cities, towns and countryside.

Livable communities are places where families are healthy, safe and economically secure. They are places that embody "smart growth" principles, including:


Transportation choices play a major role in quality of life, influencing everything from access to economic opportunities to environmental quality and community safety. Building transportation choices in communities means providing access to federal funding as well as ensuring the flexibility to use transportation dollars to best fit local needs.


The Committee for a Livable Future supports legislation that promotes clean energy, fight global warming, and encourage more efficient use of valuable natural resources.

The Committee is passionate about having the federal government act as a better partner to help local communities improve watershed health and protect open space.

Energy and Global Warming

One of the Committees' top priorities is fighting global warming, which is one of the greatest challenges the world faces. The impacts of a changing climate are a threat not only to natural ecosystems but to national security as well. Across the country, global warming will have significant impacts on water cycles, creating major changes for agriculture, land use, growth and development, fisheries, and a host of other issues.


The Committee for a Livable Future, founded by Congressman Blumenauer, is working to ensure roads, bike paths, transit lines, and infrastructure that undergirds America's way of life and her economic strength are safe, environmentally sustainable, and efficient.

LivPAC Supported Candidates List

Among many others this cycle, I have identified 19 candidates in highly competitive races across the country, each of whom would be an important partner that will help lead the charge. With the vast coalition of folks who believe in rebuilding and renewing America in thoughtful and sustaining ways, we have generated resources to be able to make ‘modest’ contributions to all 19, along with a packet of critical information to help them understand and refine their approach with these issues.

Join Our Fight to Win Back The Majority: Candidates You Can Support

I want a better Congress — a Congress that will be a check on Donald Trump and that will move our progressive agenda forward. That's why until Election Day, I'm working to elect
Democrats in critical congressional races across the country.

You can be part of the fight. Let's take back Congress, together. Please consider joining me in supporting the following candidates:

National Hub for Urban Mobility and Design

Congressman Blumenauer gave welcoming remarks to the first Streetcar & Bus Circulator Roundtable hosted by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). FTA chose Portland for this event due to city's designation as a national hub for urban mobility and design. Municipal officials from around the country who are developing streetcar and circulator projects addressed issues of development, technical needs, and intergovernmental partnerships.